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After the global Covid-19 crisis, it is essential for Morocco to positively strengthen its collective reputation.

This requires mobilizing private actors and national institutions to promote initiatives such as protecting the Made in Morocco, encouraging investments in Morocco and supporting private actors seeking to expand internationally. Such proactive approach significantly impacts the Kingdom’s economic development and its position on the international stage.

Collective reputation has a direct influence on how a state is perceived internationally. This reputation relies not only on national institutions, but also on the involvement of private actors. Indeed, their actions and commitments can have a significant impact on the reputation and protection of their country, as well as on its perception internationally.

As for the law, it plays a fundamental role in building this collective reputation, as it provides a regulatory framework as well as mechanisms that are essential for actors wishing to expand abroad, and for those seeking to protect their interests at national level

It is therefore crucial to equip private actors as well as national institutions with the legal and strategic tools necessary to act responsibly on national and international markets.

The Made in Morocco days, organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, are a two-day seminar event that will explore the essential role of law as a tool to conduct business internationally and protect business domestically, while strengthening the Kingdom's collective reputation. Indeed, this cross-disciplinary event aims to :


Understand the role of private actors in building Morocco's collective reputation, and how their actions can have public impacts.

Strengthen the knowledge of private actors in matters of intellectual property in order to preserve their innovations, brands, and cultural creations of the Kingdom.

Strengthen the knowledge of private actors in international law and their mastery of international agreements to facilitate their establishment and integration on the international scene.

Train in investment protection and dispute resolution mechanisms.

Offer participants the opportunity to make valuable contacts with professionals and renowned legal experts and lobbyists, in order to expand their network and create fruitful partnerships.


This two-day seminar is addressed to the legal departments of private Moroccan institutions, the legal departments of ministries, public establishments operating in key areas of the national economy, the main Moroccan industrial sectors, private actors, and all stakeholders involved in international business development and/or concerned with protecting their interests within the country, and seeking in-depth legal and strategic expertise.

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